Still alive…

…no, really. As usual these days, it seems, we’ve been mad busy of late. Since I last posted, I’ve: – Dressed up in silly yellow clothes and pretended to be a member of the Australian cricket team for a day for a 7up commercial that starred the Indian wicketkeeper;– Helped … Continue reading

Where we are

“This one a long time have I watched. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm. What he was doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh! Excitement. Heh! A Jedi craves not these things. (turning to Luke) You are reckless!” – Yoda, from The Empire Strikes Back Re-reading my posts here, I’ve noticed … Continue reading

More photos

Here are some more photos from our travels – these are all hi-res film scans, from the 3 rolls that we’ve got processed so far (chosen at random from a stash of about 15-20, so there are plenty more to come). They’ve turned out really well – Leila is a … Continue reading


It seems to be part of the Bombay tourist experience to spend a day as a Bollywood extra, so when a guy grabbed us on the street the other day and offered us 500 rupees to record some voiceovers for an upcoming film, we decided to give it a go. … Continue reading


Sitting this morning in Basilico, Mumbai’s premier Italian restaurant and only the second place we’ve found in India where you can get a really good coffee, I read in the “International” section of The Times of India that George Bush’s pre-State of the Union address approval rating is the lowest … Continue reading

More photos!

Back in Mumbai, so it seems like a good time to post the remainder of the photos from our first stay here, nearly two months ago. Still trying to extricate newer photos from the CD that they’re stored on, and there are a shitload more still on the camera, but … Continue reading


Quiet times here. Still in Varanasi, which has proven a very pleasant and interesting place to hang out. We’re still here for several reasons – mostly because we like it, but also because we’ve been uncertain of our next move until today. I’ve discussed Varanasi a little in my last … Continue reading

Kite surfing

The latest leg of our trip has taken us away from Agra (thankfully) and via an interminable train journey to Varanasi, city of Shiva and one of Hinduism’s holiest sites. After a false start on our first day here, when we endured a drawn-out battle with the local rickshaw drivers … Continue reading

Taj fatigue

So, just under six weeks after arriving in India, we’ve finally made our way to Agra to see the famed Taj Mahal. It was a strange experience. It’s kinda like seeing the Mona Lisa in real life – you’ve seen so many photos etc that the real thing is… not … Continue reading