First birthday

At the risk of jinxing myself, the initial rush of “What the fuuuuuuuuck are we doing here?” seems to have subsided, and the constant barrage of traffic, beggars and hawkers in Colaba is starting to feel, well, normal. It’s interesting how quickly you can adapt to things. Of course, one … Continue reading

Indian hospitality

So last night we had the honour and pleasure of dining with the astoundingly lovely Nasir, a friend of Leila’s mother’s and director of the nascent Shantaram Foundation, a charitable organisation set up by Greg Roberts (of Shantaram fame) with the initial aim of eradicating tuberculosis in Colaba. Nasir, his … Continue reading

So here we are

Typing this in a boxy little internet cafe in Colaba, a funny little tiled room that’s about the size of our wardrobe at Gipps Street and is home to eight computers and a manfully struggling air conditioner. Thus far, Mumbai has been everything we’ve been told it’d be – loud, … Continue reading


Holed up for a few days in Sydney, a city which I’ve always found kinda objectionable – I do my best to come here with an open mind, but it’s just the general ambiance of the place, some indefinable feeling about it that shits me. I think it’s that it’s … Continue reading