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Back in Mumbai, so it seems like a good time to post the remainder of the photos from our first stay here, nearly two months ago. Still trying to extricate newer photos from the CD that they’re stored on, and there are a shitload more still on the camera, but in the meantime…

A boat on Mumbai harbour, seen from Haji Ali’s mosque (see below).

Haji Ali’s mosque at sunset. The eponymous Haji Ali was apparently a Muslim saint who died en route to Mecca. His body was washed ashore on a breakwater, and the mosque was built there in his honour. At high tide, the narrow little path that connects the mosque to the mainland is completely submerged in the sea, and for the rest of the time it’s nearly submerged under a flood of people. Apparently the mosque is one of the four holy sites that is said to protect Mumbai from flooding – with the globe heating at the rate it is, they’ll certainly have their work cut out.

Another view of the mosque, along with people on the rocks. This is on the opposite side to the path, so behind the photographer, there’s only the sea. It’s a very peaceful place to spend time, and attracts all sorts of people – mainly Muslims, but also Hindus, Sikhs, gangsters and the occasional interested tourist.

More local kids from Nasir’s lane. The minute they see the camera, they’re lining up to have their photo taken!
Oops – anyone who’s been to Mumbai could tell you that this is in fact the unfeasibly palatial Taj Hotel, not Victoria Terminus as I said at first.

Another view of the breakwater from Haji Ali’s mosque.

Kids selling fish on the path to the mosque. No, I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.

Me looking respectable. I look even more clean-cut now, with my specs and side-parting. I’m undertaking a one-man crusade to popularise the nerd look. It’s a lonely undertaking.

Lucky last – another portrait of yet more photogenic Indian children!

2 thoughts on “More photos!

  1. The lonliness of the long distance nerd. Not true my little love, I’m sure the centre parting & fluffy short hair (a la Hamish blake in spics&specs) looks great & I hope the glasses relieve your tiredness. thankyou for all the wonderful stories of your amazing adventures & Leila’s great photos, the self portrait au miroir was lovely. all that water(little jim) at haji Ali mosque reminds me of the immortal words of a song in the review “New Faces of 1952″(some time ago)and it goes like this: “waltzing in Venice withyou/Isn’t so easy to do/If you take one more step than you oughta/You’ll find you’re doing the waltz underwater”har har harty har har. Keep on truckin” and writing the fantastic stories & photos, thankyou, it’s such a thrill to read it all, 16 tons of love from mum, dad & pawsie people.

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