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Here are some more photos from our travels – these are all hi-res film scans, from the 3 rolls that we’ve got processed so far (chosen at random from a stash of about 15-20, so there are plenty more to come). They’ve turned out really well – Leila is a talented girl!

A nice example of the Raj’s take on Tudor (?) architecture – one of the main administrative buildings in Shimla.

A blue-themed portrait of some local kids in Diu.

My personal favourite from this bunch – have you ever seen a more regal-looking cow??

A selection from the spice markets in Ahmedabad.

A squirrel! The squirrels here are really pretty, as this picture shows. They’re tiny, too – much smaller than the ones you get in Europe. This little fellow is at most 10cm long from nose to tail – the bricks give an idea of how small he is.

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