Ods jodhpurs!

This will be a brief entry as the computer on which it is being written is truly dreadful – I suppose this is all you can expect when paying 15 rupees (50c) an hour for internet access. We’ve escaped the tourist treadmill ghetto of Udaipur and headed north-west for Jodhpur, home of lots of blue buildings and one incredibly large antique fort.

It’s perhaps not quite as aesthetically appealing a town as Udaipur, but egad is it a much nicer place. It seems that here, when people say “Hello!” it means “Hello!”, not “Come into my shop and sit your little white ass quietly down on this seat while I siphon the cash from your wallet and smile winningly whilst doing so”. Bitter? No, not really – I’m well aware of the realities of the tourist economy, but it does give me the shits to the extent that I try to avoid it as far is practicably possible.

Anyway, we’re here for a couple of days – we’re yet to explore the aforementioned fort, but we’ve had a nice old wander about town and eaten a lot, both of which are great pleasures in India. Sadly, using the internet doesn’t always fall into this category, so I’m going to sign off for now before I throw this keyboard at the wall.

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